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PLV60 LED indoor power supply

PLV60 LED indoor power supply

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Design in accordance with CE certificate

Ultra wide voltage input: 85-264 vac.

Output power: 50-75 w

Low ripple and low noise

Output overload, short circuit, over voltage protection

High efficiency, high power density

Industrial product design

Aging and 100% load test

Product model (Vac) input voltage output voltage (Vdc) output current (A) conversion efficiency (%)

S05 PLV60-220 220-240, 5.0 80

PLV60-220 speed 12 12.0 5.5 83

S24 PLV60-220 24.0 2.7 85

PLV60-220 s48 48.0 1.5 86

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Electrical specifications

Output characteristic S single channel 5-48 v output voltage range customer optional

Output current range 0-10.0 - A customer optional

Output terminals with cover 5 * 9.5 mm

Power range colors, 50 w to 75 w

Ripple & noise (typical) 100 MVP - p

Output voltage precision of + / - 5.0%

Output voltage adjustable range of plus or minus 10%

Source effect plus or minus 2.0%

Load effect plus or minus 1.0%

Start the rise time (typical) 10 ms / 100 vac at full load

Efficiency (typical) 80% at 230 vac full load

Have function of soft start, start time about 0.5 s

Input characteristics of the input voltage range is 85 ~ 264 vac;

Nominal input voltage of 100-240 vac.

Input current (typical) 1.15 A / 230 vac

Leakage current (typical) < 1 ma at 230 vac

Protective properties over-current protection 110% - 150% load, since the recovery after troubleshooting

With short circuit protection, since the recovery after troubleshooting

Overvoltage protection 115% - 130% of output voltage, the recovery after troubleshooting

Safety standard safety standards in accordance with UL60950; GB4943

Safe level CLASS Ⅰ

Insulation voltage I/P - O/P: 2.0 KVac I/P - PG: 1 KVac O/P - PG: 0.5 KVac

Insulation resistance > 100 m Ohms / 500 VDC 25 ℃ 70% RH

EMC standard conduction /

Radiation /

Working environment temperature 0 ~ + 45 ℃ (according to the output load using the derating curve)

Working humidity 85% RH Max

Storage temperature - 20 ~ + 85, 10 ~ 95% RH

Temperature drift coefficient of 0.03% / (0 ~ 50 ℃)

Vibration coefficient of 10 ~ 500 hz, 2 g10min. / 1 cycle, 60 min

Natural air cooling way

Other features MTBF 50 k HRS min.

Size 110 * 78 * 35 mm (L * W * H)


1. The above data except where noted, is the TA = 25 C, humidity < 75%, the nominal voltage 230 VDC input and output rated load measured;

2. The ripple and noise is to use 300 mm twisted pair, and terminal a 0.1 uF high-frequency ceramic capacitors in parallel and a 47 uF electrolytic capacitor measured.

3. The power supply in the system is regarded as components, emc related validation should be carried out combining with the terminal device

Using the matters needing attention

1. The power for the ac input power, attention should be paid to the input and output polarity connection, input and output by the cause damage of the power system.

2. Links to connect input and output line, pay attention to the terminal, the stability of the welding on both sides of the plate have solder is advisable.

3. The power supply to the system when the shell assembly, pay attention to the surrounding insulation.

4. When installing a fixed, it is recommended that the periphery with heat shrinkable tube insulation.

5. The service life of the power supply is associated with the environment temperature, with the increase of ambient temperature, the service life of power supply will be cut short, so please use in power supply specifications specified temperature range

Power life and temperature curve

6. The power output power is associated with the environment temperature, when the environment temperature more than rated power supply working temperature, power supply should be derating use