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Shenzhen Hualing Power Co., Ltd specializes in AC-DC switching power supply, DC-DC power supply module and other high-performance power supply product design and development, production and sales, technical support. The company has a number of electronics industry veteran systems engineers and high-end power supply design engineers, with rich power supply design, power selection and practical application experience, can provide customers with comprehensive technical support and services. And with a number of well-known IC design manufacturers in-depth cooperation, to provide customers with "IC" -class power supply customized services to meet customer demand for electrical performance in all aspects.

Enterprise purpose: adhere to the quality of the bottom line, innovation and win-win situation.

Service concept: intentions for customers to create value to meet the requirements of customers continue to make.

Company growth process:

Established in 2005, Shanghai Anfu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the company's business research and development staff more than 20 people, the production base of more than 600 square meters, more than 160 production staff. Due to business development, in order to meet customer needs, production staff and base again and again, founded in 2013, Shenzhen Valin Power Co., Ltd.