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Shenzhen Valin Power Co., Ltd. main products


Shenzhen Hualing Power Co., Ltd. main products include power module, car power, LED drive power, industrial switching power supply, large screen (15 inch ~ 50 inch) LCD TV set of power solutions, custom power six series.

The power module series covers hundreds of AC-DC, DC-AC and DC-DC modules with power below 500W. The new AC-DC modules (power from 2.5W to 150W) range from 85Vac to 450Vac, Low standby power (in line with ENERGY STAR and 2007 edition of the European standard), high power density, high reliability, low cost advantage by the majority of customers of all ages.

In the automotive power supply series, I have a self-cooled DC-DC power supply to a wide input voltage range (9Vdc ~ 60Vdc) can achieve a power supply to meet the requirements of a variety of vehicles. LED drive power, our company in accordance with the actual requirements of customers to develop a constant current limit pressure, constant voltage current limiting two modes of LED drive power to improve the life of the LED and the application of flexibility. Our ACTV DC, AC-DC, DC-AC all the power supply part, with high reliability, low cost, high integration, low standby power consumption and so on. Custom power supply series, are based on customer needs and practical application environment for development, short cycle, fast response, high reliability is the characteristics of Division I.