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The current power module industry product classification


The current power supply module industry product classification, according to the input and output voltage to point, the module power market, including DC-DC module power supply market and AC-DC module power market two parts. Which is the mainstream market products DC-DC module power supply products, that is, DC conversion to DC power products, it is currently the most used in most industries a power module, accounting for more than 80% of the market share. Many of the high-end power modules are basically concentrated in the DC-DC power module in this area, mainly because many small electronic design products, power supply is based on DC power input. Another large system, AC-DC module power supply in the field of communication less, mainly in the power, industrial control and monitoring systems and other fields, the current market size is small, but the development of faster.

DC-DC module power supply also includes isolated power supply and non-isolated power supply. Isolated power supply is the traditional more commonly used products, the price is much higher than non-isolated power supply, the current sales from the point of view, isolated power supply occupies absolute market dominance, the market share of more than 85%. However, non-isolated power supply also has its advantages, due to non-isolated power supply efficiency, low voltage and high current, and the price than the isolated power supply occupies an absolute advantage, subdivided under development, as users demand for higher and higher cost , Part of the isolated DC-DC power supply products are being gradually replaced by non-isolated DC-DC products.

As the module power supply has the characteristics of short design cycle, high reliability, flexible system and so on, its application is more and more widely, switching equipment, access connection equipment, wireless communication equipment, mobile communication detection equipment, microwave radio frequency and transceiver equipment, optical transmission , The base station and other communications fields, subway radio system, train debugger, train fire alarm system, driver and passenger room control system, train car display board and other transportation fields have been applied.

Module power as a long time has been the development of industrial products in foreign countries have a lot of advanced manufacturing and R & D technology, technology and product characteristics are basically at the leading level. So in some of the relatively high requirements of the industry, high-end power supply module market are basically well-known foreign manufacturers of products occupied. Which in the short term is an unavoidable problem. In the low-end applications, such as the general military, industrial and civilian areas, due to the domestic module power supply manufacturers with the product price and production cycle advantage, basically occupy most of the market. With the development of domestic manufacturers, technical maturity and update, some high-end products are gradually with foreign products in some areas there is a certain degree of competitiveness. Especially in the domestic electronics industry, such as the fire, the application of power supply module is the outbreak. High-end areas with foreign products, industrial products with domestic products on behalf of the recent representative of the power supply market characteristics.

It is because of the huge market demand, so the domestic in recent years also appeared a lot of module power supply manufacturers. Which is no lack of some old brands, the old brand has a historical advantage, but often in the management philosophy and transformation need to spend time; another more rising star, such as love Pu Electronics, although the time in the industry is not too long, but also up to 12 Years old It is relying on the advanced management ideas, the accurate analysis of the market and the quality and service on the insistence, but also among the users to establish a reputation and brand, occupation belongs to Ai Pu's achievements. Many manufacturers, the strength of the leadership, but also the power supply module market is another feature.

In general, due to different market demand, the formation of the current power supply module market status quo. I believe that with the emerging electronics industry and the continuous development of market demand changes, the power module market will follow the ever-changing, continuous innovation and reform to meet the needs of the market, is the inevitable path of historical development. Ai Pu will keep up with changes in the market, continue to develop more DC / DC module power supply with AC / DC power module new products to maintain the leading position in the industry