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Global communications power technology development presents five major trends


The rapid development of the information industry, to the power market has brought great market opportunities and challenges, while the power of some new demands. For example: a variety of physical equipment together, there is the demand for electromagnetic compatibility and room area and load-bearing requirements; network equipment to make the type of power load larger, more types of load, power efficiency and type requirements; The number of base stations increased, the reliability of the power supply and easy to maintain a higher demand to meet the needs of unattended. Power supply work environment differences on the power of the application environment also put forward new needs, such as stronger power grid adaptability, environmental adaptability, outdoor power supply is a typical representative of this demand. Power is the power of the entire network of information, the new network needs more reliable power. In addition, with the globalization trend of operators, power supply equipment also need to meet the global market demand for different products.

1, the development of global communications power technology presents the following trends: (1) high efficiency, high power density, wide use of ambient temperature. The increasing number of operators and equipment, the increase in electricity consumption, the room room tension and other objective factors exist, the power products put forward a high efficiency, high power density, wide use of ambient temperature requirements. (IGBT), Power Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET), Intelligent IGBT Power Module (IPM), MOS Gate Thyristor (MCT), Electrostatic Induction Transistor (MCT), Electrostatic Induction Transistor (SIT), more than recovery diodes, non-inductive capacitors, non-inductive resistors, new magnetic materials and transformers, EMI filters, etc., can improve the switching power of the communication power supply, reduce the power supply size and improve the power density. In the communication power supply, the switching technology is to improve the power efficiency of an important technology. Soft switching technology, quasi-resonant technology is representative of the resonant transformation, phase-shifting, zero-switching PWM, zero-transition PWM circuit topology. With the deepening of the theory of soft-switching topology and the popularity of the application, it greatly reduces the loss and noise caused by the voltage drop and rise of the power device in the power supply and the rise and fall of the current, To achieve a zero voltage and zero current switch, reduce losses, improve the efficiency of the power supply system. In order to better adapt to the environment and improve product reliability, 220Vac communication power is generally able to work in 120 ~ 290Vac, environmental adaptability from the traditional 45 ° C to 60 ° C, or even 75 ° C.

2, the network of intelligent monitoring and management. With the development of the network, huge network equipment requires a lot of manpower and material resources to invest in equipment management and maintenance work, such as: communication facilities in which the environment is more and more complex, sparsely populated, traffic inconvenience has increased the difficulty of maintenance. This power supply equipment monitoring and management put forward new requirements. The centralized distributed monitoring system of the communication power system needs to monitor the state quantity and the control quantity in the system, and can also carry on the automatic management to the battery; Can directly use the Internet to upload the control data, causes the maintenance personnel to carry on the data inquiry, the control and so on through the Internet Work; the use of friendly man-machine interface, so that maintenance personnel can easily get the necessary information, such as a variety of protection, alarm and data information; maintenance plans, asset management and so on.

3, all digital control. The development of digital technology has gradually demonstrated the advantages of traditional analog technology can not be achieved, such as: the use of all-digital control technology, effectively reduce the power supply to reduce the cost, greatly improving the reliability of the equipment and the user's adaptability. The entire power supply signal sampling, processing, control (including voltage and current loop, etc.), communication and so on using DSP technology, can get the same stable stability of the control parameters. Can be more flexible control mode, in a variety of voltage, temperature optimization power output, such as derating protection, PFC digital control harmonics. DSP technology can be used to achieve a more simple and stable communication and current sharing, you can get a good EMC indicators. Intelligent degree of higher, such as flexible LED alarm indication combination, no monitoring can communicate in the case. Reduce the number of devices, improve the module indicators, improve power density. Eliminate the device control discrete and temperature drift, to ensure that each module has reached the optimal indicators, improve power supply reliability. The module is more intelligent and easy to use.

4, safety, protection, good EMC indicators. Taking into account the complex operating environment equipment, power equipment to meet the relevant safety, protection, lightning protection standards, in order to ensure reliable operation of the power supply. Safety is the most important indicator of power equipment; commercial equipment through the relevant safety certification, such as UL, CSA, VDE, CCC and so on. Lightning protection design is to ensure the reliable operation of the communication power supply system is essential, for the communication equipment, the lightning over-voltage sources include inductive over-voltage, lightning intrusion wave and counter-over-voltage. Under normal circumstances, the communication power supply must take the system protection, probability protection and multi-level protection of mine principles. Communication power system generally need to use three lightning protection system. Moisture, salt spray and anti-mold design known as the three anti-design. Engineering is usually used corrosion-resistant materials, through plating, coating or chemical treatment of electronic equipment on the surface of a layer of metal or non-metallic protective film, so that with the surrounding media isolation, so as to achieve the purpose of protection, Three anti-paint; in the structure of the use of sealed or semi-sealed form of isolation of the external environment. Good EMC indicators allow different electronic devices to work together, while making the user's electromagnetic environment more clean, to avoid the electromagnetic environment on the user's injury. General meet the criteria are: EN55022, EN300386: 2001, CFR47Part15, TelcordiaGR-1089 [NArequirement].